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While Jaco offers a broad range of products incorporating extensive themes and inspirations, we realize that many customers need something that reflects their location or attraction more directly. For this reason, we offer extensive capability for customization in our tile and glass product lines. Our ability to handle custom work ranging from namedrop orders on tile magnets for as few as 48 pieces, to large direct import projects involving social compliance auditing, CPSIA testing, inspections, and ASN’s is truly unique.

Our printed tile magnets have been a customer favorite for years and are one of a kind in the tile business. With low minimums (as few as 4 sets of 12 pieces) and short lead times, these are a great way to use our art to feature your namedrop. For custom artwork, we can develop images through our in-house design department or use your artwork to create a one of a kind piece.

For larger orders, our in-house design and strong technical capabilities allow us to deliver products to you very economically, and we are often priced lower than overseas trading companies. Whether you are choosing to customize tile artwork, or need custom glasswares such as bottle stoppers, figurines, plates, or even drinking glasses, Jaco’s experience, know-how, and proximity make working with us effortless. Call us today at 888-878-5226 (407-265-9928) to experience the difference.


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