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Note:  All designs are available as a key chain, magnetic bottle opener, shot glass, bar tool, 11 oz white mug, 11 oz blue-filled mug, 11 oz green-filled mug, 17 oz latte, 15 oz mug, 12 oz latte, porcelain ornament, and luggage tag.  Due to the sheer volume of items and pictures required to keep this section updated, we may be missing some of the items for a specific design.  If you don't see the particular item that you want for one of these designs, please call us at 407-265-9928 or send an email to custserv@jacousa.com and we will be happy to help you get the items that you need.

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Using an art form developed during the Tang Dynasty, our decorative ceramic tiles are hand-painted with layers of glaze that form brilliant colors when fired in a kiln. Raised-relief features on the tile provide a bold, striking appearance. We work with local artists to create designs that can be properly expressed through this process, focusing on natural themes such as wildlife, sealife, birds, flowers, and more. Our tile products include: 8" x 8" tiles that function as wall decor or trivets; 4" x 4" tiles that function as wall decor or coasters; and 3" x 3" tile magnets. Please visit our Custom Products section to learn more about how our raised-relief tiles can be customized with your artwork or name.


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